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Credit System Services are available on a shared basis in Canada and the US
"Credit system services on a shared basis supplements an existing credit system with efficiencies that improve staff productivity and morale"

Credit System - Shared Services

Credit Process Advisors or CPA provides credit system services on a shred basis, which establish and implement best practices for credit and accounts receivable management. A shared credit system is available in Canada and the US.

Many organizations have multiple branches and-or divisions, each with its own credit and accounts receivable management staff. CPA's Credit System Services enables organizations to consolidate credit functions into a centralized area, managed by a dedicated team of strategic credit and accounts receivable management professionals.

Credit System services enable corporate branches or divisions to simultaneously access our system, so upper management can get a precise snapshot of their organization, any time, 24/7. CPA credit system services provide complete access to all of CPA's business systems and intellectual property.

CPA Credit System Services foster efficiency

CPA protocols ensure best practices for credit and accounts receivable management throughout an entire organization. CPA's Shared Credit System Services concept contributes competitiveness and performance within your organization that can be established and controlled. This provides an enormous boost to the morale and motivation of workers in an efficient credit system environment.

Several options are available, including the staff placement and transfer of existing credit staff and credit system operations to CPA for oversight and ongoing management. An enhanced credit credit system can also supplement your existing credit system with efficiencies that improve staff productivity and morale. Our credit system services cover all aspects of best practices in credit and accounts receivable management. We can support an entire credit portfolio or specific credit functions within a portfolio.

Credit System savings

Depending on a Client's situation, our credit system can have major cost savings. One componenet of our credit system is billing. The credit system in this case may be as simple as doing a data export into one of our billing systems for distribution. In some cases this can alleviate billing distribution headaches, while lowering costs.

Another aspect of a shared credit system is the technical credit expertise CPA brings to the table. CPA professionals have decades of experience and have seen receivable control systems evolve. There are new technologies that many people in accounts receivable aren't even aware of, as credit system improvements and software technology literally change daily. Throw in new regulations and our credit system is even more attractive, especially when they save you money that gets added right on to your bottom line.

Credit System services on a shared basis covers a lot of areas and well beyond the scope of a web page or site. You will find other shared credit system services not mentioned here on our site. The fastest way to get answers to your questions or concerns is to simply pick up the phone and give a CPA professional a call or request a free Credit System consultation.
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