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Credit Risk Management is what Credit Process Advisors does. Credit Risk Management reduces risk and improves your bottom line
"Credit Risk Management solutions insure company profits and Corporate survival"

Credit Risk Management

The best example of what happens when corporate or business credit risk management is ignored would be the subprime crisis in the US. Extending credit requires proper screening or credit risk management, which can impact a client's risk of survival in an economic downturn and requires immediate attention. Proper risk management and Credit Management Services are essential to the financial health of a company in Canada and the US.

Credit Risk Management identifies the potential that a borrower will fail to meet their obligations and the potential risk to the company lending. Credit risk management maximizes a lenders rate of return by maintaining risk management within acceptable parameters. These risk management parameters are defined by industry or competitor standards and the gross margins of a company product or service. The higher the gross margin a company makes, usually the more critical the need for risk management.

What is proper Credit Risk Management?

Credit Risk Management includes proper administration, customer screening, monitoring and risk management processes. A good example of proper credit risk management would be the credit card industry. In this industry, if write offs go over a certain risk percentage they tighten their screening on new customers as the risk analysis factors are too high. If the write offs go below a certain risk percentage then they loosen their standards on applicants as their credit risk management factor is lower and they may be losing business to the competition. Most credit card companies have sophisticated crdit risk management systems.

Obviously most companies don't have the resources for proper credit risk management or the expertise that bank card companies have in house. This is where Credit Process Advisors or CPA comes in. Risk management involves a host of factors and requires extensive management experience in all aspects of credit.

Credit Risk Management - How to improve

The first step usually entails a firm analysis of a client's existing credit risk management and policies. CPA professionals identify the strengths and weaknesses of a client's credit risk management strategy and in turn, suggest changes to increase profitability. Often a few minor risk management adjustments will improve a client's portfolio returns dramatically.

The factors in credit risk management are extensive and experience is critical. Perhaps a client is using their credit granting to increase sales. This may mean a higher credit risk management factor can be maintained as the increase in sales will more than offset an increase in risk.

Credit Process advisors has extensive management resources and experience in credit risk management. We service companies in Canada and the US. WWe can show you how our credit risk management expertise will increase your profits with a free consultation on our Credit Risk Management
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Credit Staffing
We have several credit staffing services available and our professionals have already been screened. CPA can provide professional credit personnel on contract, or we can source credit risk management professionals to fill new or vacant positions.

Credit Collector
Need a collector or looking for credit risk management services in Canada or the US? Credit Process Advisors or CPA outsources credit collector services or recruits and short lists credit collector candidates for risk management. CPA also has a host of other related risk management services in addition to credit collector services.

CPA Credit Services
Today, maintaining and improving long-term financial strength requires Credit Process Advisors or CPA risk management services. Shareholders demand strong positive cash flow, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk management control.
Accounts Receivables
Credit Process Advisors or CPA offers professional accounts receivable management services in Canada and the US. CPA accounts receivable management or AR management services will reduce write offs and increase revenues. With decades of AR management experience, CPA can streamline any credit system to be more cost effective.
Background Check
What do you really know about the company, or individual, you are about to grant credit to or hire? Whether in Canada or the US, a Credit Process Advisors or CPA background check is part of proper risk management.
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