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United States and Canada Employment Background Check services available
"A potential employee may embellish and imply about their abilities and credentials"

Employment Background Check

The CPA employment background check services are the most essential background check a company will do and it is a part of due diligence. A potential employee may embellish and imply about their abilities and credentials. A Credit Process Advisors or CPA employment background check will verify the potential employee's claim. Employment should only be offered once there is verification. Our employment background services are available in the US and Canada and are cost effective.

An Employment Background Check is based on facts

Employment background check services separate fact from fiction. Our services also reinforce your decision to hire a prospective employee and cover due diligence. Everyone has heard of an employment horror story where a company failed to do due diligence. A typical example is the employee who embezzles money for the third or fourth time. An employment background check may have prevented the problem in the first place. An employment background check is due diligence.

One important point to remember prior to doing employment background services is the potential employee must provide written authorization, allowing a credit and background investigation to be done. Usually the higher the employee position being filled, the deeper the employment background information needed.

Employment background check services also come in handy where contract security is an issue. Perhaps a Client has to prove employees have been screened as part of the due diligence for a contract. An independent CPA employment background check proves due diligence and can limit potential liability.

CPA can set up your Employment Background Check Services program

CPA also can set up an employment background check program so that you can do a background check on new hires on an ongoing basis. We can also help with your actual employee application to make sure regulatory issues are covered when doing an employment background check.

Contact CPA foremployment background check services for an employment background check. We also offer related credit services as well as staff employment placement services.
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