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Our Credit Staffing Agency services can find the right person to fill an accounts receivable management gap.
"CPA credit staffing can fill one position or an entire department"

Staffing Agency

Credit Process Advisors or CPA specializes in credit staffing agency services and careers in Canada and the US. We have several credit staffing services available and credit professionals that have already been screened. CPA can provide professional credit personnel on contract, or we can source credit professionals to fill new or vacant positions or careers. Credit Staffing Agency services can also be a combination of both options.

CPA credit staffing can fill one position or an entire department. You can contract out CPA staff or our credit staffing agency can short list suitable candidates. We have a catalog of credit professionals for hire. CPA has the right qualified credit personnel for your credit staffing.

CPA has numerous options for Credit Staffing

In the case of credit staffing on contract there are several options. We can provide personnel that are already trained. CPA also has other related staffing agency services and can even provide a high end accounts receivable infrastructure on contract. We can staff an entire office on site or use a combination of onsite and remote credit staffing. CPA can send in experienced professionals on contract who can train staff while analyzing and streamlining your operation. The credit professional can be contracted permanently or for a specified period of time. If interested in contracting credit staffing agency services, CPA credit staffing is your solution.

Our staffing agency offers different levels of credit personnel, including professionals with extensive credit risk analysis experience and credentials. In many cases we will send in a credit risk analysis expert to assess an entire operation before credit staffing. This usually involves the professional going on site for a week or two to review policies, procedures and staff performance. By the end of this period you will receive an in depth risk analysis of your accounts receivable operation and have a strategic plan for credit staffing services and improving efficiency.

Our Staffing Agency can assist in downsizing

If a Client is downsizing their operation our staffing agency can assist in helping employees find new positions. The most cost effective credit staffing for companies downsizing is to contract or outsource the accounts receivable department to CPA. Our credit staffing agency and proprietary systems can reduce your costs, while improving efficiency and getting your receivables in faster.

CPA professionals have decades of credit experience with various systems and industries. Contact CPA and have a professional walk you through our options for credit staffing.
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