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Credit Process Advisors or CPA is a business credit services company that offers a wide range of credit services in Canada and the US.
"In order to determine which business credit services a client needs, a risk analysis is usually the first step"

Business Credit Services

Business Credit Services is a generic term that includes staff placement, contracted services, outsourcing, shared services and credit risk management. Numerous combinations can cover part or all aspects of the credit services process.

In order to determine which business credit services a client needs, a risk analysis is usually the first step. CPA is a credit services company that will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a credit operation in order to identify which credit services are required. Every client is unique and our business credit services company knows that each industry has its own cardinal rules of operation.

Business Credit Services and staff placement

Our staff placement credit services can find the right person to fill an accounts receivable management gap. CPA also offers value added credit services such as ongoing management and mentoring a new placement. We can guarantee a solid professional will be available at a moment's notice should the need arise. Our buiness credit services company can tailor our credit services to our Client's exact needs.

Outsourcing Business Credit Services

Contracted Business Credit Services implement proven cash conversion systems and methodologies. This can be done on site or remotely, with our proprietary billing and customer relationship system. If a new billing system and credit infrastructure is critical, CPA business credit services can spare a client major capital outlay. We can run the entire system, or train client staff how to use our system.

In addition to outsourcing, our business credit services include a higher level of expertise known as Knowledge Process Outsourcing or KPO. Our KPO expertise delivers value to a company, which includes sophisticated software and extensive systems integration experience. This gives CPA clients access to shared credit services that are cost effective and fast to implement.

The first step in determining which combination of business credit services will have the biggest impact is a phone call or email. CPA is a business credit service company that can improve your cash flow with fast bankable dollars. Once our credit professionals analyze your present system we can recommend the right combination of credit services to give a maximum return on investment or ROI.

CPA is a buiness credit service company with numerous services and solutions. Contact us for a free Buiness Credit Services consultation and find out how CPA services will give you a maximum return on investment.

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