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Consumer and Commercial credit screening services in Canada and the US
"Credit screening services are part of efficient credit portfolio management"

Credit Screening

CPA or Credit Process Advisors provides credit screening services and programs in Canada and the US. Credit screening services for an entire credit portfolio or single Commercial credit screening reports available. What exactly is credit screening and what types of credit screening services and programs are there?

Credit screening services is actually part of an efficient credit portfolio management. Proper credit screening is front line risk management, and applies to Consumer or Commercial portfolio management. Credit screening services can cover an entire portfolio to a single account.

The point of credit screening is to filter out high risk customers and identify customers with borderline risk. Credit screening is only as good as the information sources and the expertise pulling the information. This is where CPA experience and credit screening services comes in.

Credit Screening Services are based on private and public information

Information for credit screening services comes from private and public information databases. Liens, Title Searches and PPSA or UCC searches are examples of public database information. Commercial reports and Consumer reports are examples of private database information. The expense and security protocols of plugging into these information databases can be cost prohibitive for most companies. CPA credit screening services are based on economy of scale. CPA has invested the time, money and resources to build a proprietary information infrastructure that can handle an entire credit portfolio or portfolios of any size.

Credit screening can be applied to an entire portfolio in order to do a risk analysis and determine the quality of an accounts receivable portfolio. There are also prerequisites required before credit screening can be done legally. A corporate, or individual customer must give their written consent authorizing the Client to obtain confidential information. A CPA professional will explain the particulars and which shared services are available when your credit screening services are set up.

Mitigate Risk with Credit Screening

The main benefit of credit screening services is to really know who your customer is and any risk factors you should be aware of. Credit screening is an ounce of prevention and raises the true value to one of a company's most valuable assets, their accounts receivable.

CPA also offers other related services to credit screening. Browse our site or phone, email or use our free credit screening consultation form to contact a CPA professional.
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