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US and Canada Credit Risk Services implement enterprise-wide customer management policies and best practices
"Credit risk services help organizations find the right balance between risk and reward"

Credit Risk Services

Today, maintaining and improving long-term financial strength is the name of the game and Credit Process Advisors or CPA Credit Risk Services are the solution. Shareholders demand strong positive cash flow, while maintaining an acceptable level of risk and cost control.

To achieve this balance, our credit risk services implement enterprise-wide customer management policies and best practices based upon customer credit classification. Let's face it, not all customers are the same. Your company's current client management system could be a significant drain on your margins. By using CPA credit risk services in developing policies and procedures to address these differences, you increase your organizations chances of success through acquisition of profitable, long-term value customers.

At CPA our credit risk services help organizations find the right balance between risk and reward. Balancing long term profit potential and customer service, along with the risks of granting credit, is what credit risk services are all about. Development and implementation of credit policies and credit processes that reflect your organization and its market realities provides many benefits.

Benefits of Credit Risk Services

  • Increased margin and customer profitability and lower credit risk
  • Improved bottom lines
  • Decreased cost of capital or receivables carrying costs
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction through client-specific management processes
  • Reduced bad debt and operating costs
  • Improved rates of collection through related credit risk services

CPA Credit Risk Services include experience

CPA's methodologies and best practices have been developed using over 80 years of credit management history to develop effective credit risk services. And while learning from historical patterns, CPA also monitors proposed legislation that could have a negative impact on the future of your business. We work with our clients to provide them with:

  • Detailed customer analysis and trending credit services
  • Customized design and implementation of business processes through the right combination of credit risk services
  • Delivery of technology solutions as applicable.

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