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Credit Process Advisors or CPA provides credit outsourcing services that benefit all types of accounts receivable management functions in Canada
and the US.
"Credit Outsourcing ensures proper credit risk management and company profits with built in cost savings"

Credit Outsourcing

Organizations exploring the benefit of credit outsourcing services should also give consideration to accounts receivable management functions within their company to generate more revenue. Credit Process Advisors (CPA) provides credit outsourcing services in Canada and the US.

Credit outsourcing can replace an entire department, division, or specific functions. In the case of larger credit outsourcing services, there are offshore and North American solutions. Effective credit outsourcing of accounts receivable requires a provider like CPA, who is intimately familiar with the socio-economic situations that your customers may be facing, as well as the ability to network with other credit professionals in your trading area.

Cost savings of Credit Outsourcing

Credit outsourcing also has built in cost savings such as reductions in office space, along with the associated costs and benefits of on-site staff. Through outsourcing, clients can free up their own staff to generate revenue or create value elsewhere in the organization. CPA credit outsourcing services include world-class credit management and collection expertise so you are in good hands right from the start.

Another facet of credit outsourcing is contracted outsourcing services. CPA staff can implement proven cash conversion systems and methodologies remotely, or at a client's location to generate more revenue. Our credit outsourcing services include a complete accounts receivable system analysis, including input from your sales and executive teams to effectively manage the complete accounts receivable process. Contracted credit outsourcing starts with underwriting, policy review to billing and finally cash collection and vendor management.

Credit Outsourcing has numerous options

CPA credit outsourcing services can handle your entire accounts receivable operation or specific strategic processes in a client's credit system. Our Shared credit outsourcing enables organizations to consolidate all, or some functions, into a centralized area managed by a dedicated team of strategic outsourcing management professionals with complete access to all of CPA's business systems and intellectual property. Several outsourcing options are available, including the transfer of your existing credit staff to CPA for oversight and ongoing management.

These are just some of CPA's credit outsourcing services. Peruse our site for more information, contact us or request a credit outsourcing free consultation.
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