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CPA offers combined Credit Management or Risk mangement Services in Canada and the US
"Credit Management Services can include staff placement for proper Credit Management in Canada and the US"

Credit Management

Credit Process Advisors or CPA is a professional company that offers combined credit management services in Canada and the US. CPA can handle an entire accounts receivable portfolio or supplement parts of a risk management systems to increase Client revenue returns. CPA credit management services are combined to increase Client revenue returns.

Credit management services can include staff placement, where we short list the right candidates, or the position can be contracted out to CPA. In this case, CPA eliminates all the HR headaches in a cost effective manner, while our client gains cost effective credit management expertise with instant access to professional CPA credit management resources.

Credit Management has many facets

CPA credit management services also include risk analysis and strategic planning. Our credit management professionals have decades of credit management experience in numerous industries. Often during a credit management analysis we discover simple tweaks that result in a dramatic increase on client recoveries. Proper risk management relies on tried and tested credit methods combined with technology, human resources and risk management.

Credit management services may also be outsourced. In this case, CPA can handle part, or a Client's entire credit management. The main advantage of outsourcing services is instant access to Credit Management professionals that a Client couldn't normally afford. There are also numerous cost effective benefits with credit management outsourcing: Existing staff can be deployed to other critical areas, along with reductions in office space and the associated costs.

Credit Management is a component of Risk Management

CPA's dedicated team of credit management professionals constantly updates our knowledge-base. We can provide clients with licensed 24/7 access to our proprietary processes and updated policy manuals. CPA's proven credit management systems and documented processes can be implemented, enabling companies to achieve and maintain annual audit,industry certification and risk management requirements.

There are many facets to risk management. A CPA professional can walk you through the options. Give us a call or request a free Credit Management consultation.
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