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Credit Investigation will prevent bad debts and mitigate risk
"Prevent bad debts and mitigate risk with proper credit investigation"

Credit Investigation

The main objective of credit investigation services is to prevent bad debts and mitigate risk. Credit Process Advisors or CPA provides professional credit investigation services and cost effective programs in Canada and the US.

Credit investigation is essential to proper accounts receivable management. The higher the line of credit requested, the higher the need for credit investigation services. Of course, the first step is to make sure the customer has provided written authorization to do a credit investigation. This is particularly important in Canada, as using credit investigation services without customer authorization contravenes the Canada Privacy Act and Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).

Credit Investigation Services

Credit investigation services are numerous and diverse. Investigation services on smaller balances can be simple with a limited number of sources. In the case of larger limits, more information sources may be used as the need to mitigate credit risk is higher. A thorough credit investigation goes well beyond the standard bureau report.

CPA credit investigation services can be done on a case by case scenario, or we can tailor a program for our Client's needs on an ongoing basis. Credit investigation pricing varies by the number of sources and the volume of applications being processed.

Once a Client has a Credit Investigation report in their hands, they have the information to make an educated decision. A quick analysis reveals the facts, and if granting credit, the amount of the line of credit to be granted.

Prevention Credit Investigation

Monitoring accounts receivable also requires the occasional credit investigation. A prime example would be a large client who has changed their paying habits. The change could be due to temporary circumstances or an indicator that credit investigation services should be used. A proper credit investigation will reveal whether the customer's situation is temporary or if they are on a downward spiral.

The types of information and sources in credit investigation services are beyond the scope of a web page. Explore your options with a CPA professional who can set up the right cost effective credit investigation services or program. Also browse our site for other services we provide in addition to Credit Investigation.

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