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Credit Control Services begin with an extensive credit risk analysis
"Credit control services cover credit granting, billing and collections"

Credit Control Services

Credit Process Advisors or CPA credit control services cover credit granting, management, billing and collections for companies in Canada and the US. Without proper credit control an organization can deteriorate over a period of time and jeopardize a client's very existence. A credit department with efficient credit control is essential to a client's financial health and is a decision hub for other departments.

Credit Control is risk management in action

Credit control services usually begin with an extensive credit risk analysis. Obsolete control services or ineffective credit applications or contracts can have a negative long term cost. When it comes to credit control services, the proper "paperwork" is the foundation of accounts receivable management. A client's formal agreement with a customer dictates the terms and is why this is the first area we look at in credit control services.

CPA credit control services dissect credit applications or credit contracts by region, province or state. The terms of a contract may be good for one jurisdiction, but totally ineffective in another. Proper credit control services start at the foundation and minimizes future write offs. If the following example sounds familiar, you need our credit control services.

One example of credit control abuse we constantly see in Canada and the US, is the generic credit application or agreement that companies use across all 10 provinces and 3 territories of Canada. Usually this is a contract or agreement written for the laws of Ontario, with no Risk Analysis and the scenario usually goes like this:

A customer suddenly starts changing their payment habits and it becomes apparent there could be a large write off looming. The debtor is a limited company located outside Ontario in a western Canadian province. Time passes as the creditor tries to talk the money out of the debtor, as they know in a worst case scenario they can collect off his personal guarantee. The situation gets worse and then one day the customer phone is disconnected. The creditor checks out the legal options and finds that the personal guarantee they thought they had, won't stand up in the province where the debtor is located. Any leverage is gone and the creditor has to get in line with all the other creditors who are owed money by the limited company, without a personal guarantee.

It is costly situations like the one above that need CPA credit control services. The number of times we see this scenario is amazing and six figure write offs are common. Proper control begins with the basics.

There are numerous options in Credit Control

Credit control services also include credit granting, billing, proper accounts receivable management and collections. CPA has a deep reservoir of credit professionals and robust credit control services that will increase and speed up your cash flow.

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