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Credit Processing Consultant and Credit process consulting in Canada and the US
"Credit Process Consulting by a CPA Credit Processing Consultant will increase revenues immediately"

Credit Processing Consultant

Credit Process Advisors or CPA is a credit processing consultant company that covers Canada and US. One area CPA specializes in is credit processing. In order to determine where improvements can be made to a Client's credit processing, a credit processing consultant analyzes all aspects of their accounts receivable processes. Often a small change to a Client's systems can increase revenues immediately.

A Credit Processing Consultant fucuses on Invoicing and Accounts Receivable

A Credit Processing Consultant usually concentrates on a Client's accounts receivable invoicing at first, as this can have a major effect on days sales outstanding or DSO. Invoice processing efficiency is the foundation of credit processing. Credit processing, or credit processing efficiency for granting and monitoring accounts receivable, is a good indicator of a Client's need for a credit processing consultant.

A Credit processing consultant also concentrates on the quality of a Client's processes in granting credit in the first place. If a client is experiencing higher than normal delinquency rates, a Credit Processing Consultant knows a contributing factor is the quality and terms of the companies receiving credit. Credit processing also focuses on how exceptions are handled.

A Consulting example: A credit processing consultant often sees a large deal was financed by the client even though the amount extended didn't justify the risk. The reasoning for granting the credit to a limited company in the first place was that the Client needed the sale. We see this all the time in credit processing. The Client we are consulting usually realizes that if they couldn't afford to take the risk to get the deal, then they can afford the write off even less.

However, this situation could have been handled differently and a Credit Processing Consultant looks for creative solutions to mitigate risk. Credit processing establishes solutions to lessen the risk of extending credit, while consulting and changing the credit process to adapt. In the case above, a Credit Processing Consultant would have several options already in place. This would include other financial instruments like personal guarantees, indemnity agreements, assignments, etc. Any one of these options would have reduced a client's risk factor had it been used during credit processing. These are the type of details involved for a credit processing consultant.

Time is a major consideration for a Credit Processing Consultant

Another key element a credit processing consultant looks for is the time factor in a Client's accounts receivable processes. Are problem accounts pushed to the sidelines as opposed to dealing with them? Signs like this in credit processing indicate procrastination. Procrastination can be hazardous to a company's bottom line. One of the cardinal rules in accounts receivable management is to recognize when an account is out of control and get professional credit processing help. This is where a Credit Processing Consultant comes in.

There is much more that a credit processing consultant does than mentioned on this page. Contact CPA and a professional Credit Processing Consultant can show you how to increase revenues. Call or request a free consultation with a Credit Processing Consultant.
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