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CPA provides Credit Collector staffing and outsourcing services in Canada and the US
"CPA outsources and recruits credit personnel including credit collector staffing "

Credit Collector

If you need credit collector staffing Canada or the US you are in the right place. Credit Process Advisors or CPA outsources credit collector services or recruits and short lists credit collector candidates. CPA also has a host of other related services in addition to credit collector staffing.

Professionals looking for a credit collector job should refer to our Prospective Applicants section. CPA recruits and provides all levels of credit professionals, including credit collector staffing.

A Credit Collector is necessary to acounts receivable operations

A collector is a necessary component in any accounts receivable operation. There are numerous levels of collection skills that must be factored in any credit collector staffing assignment. For example: A commercial credit collector requires more skills, collection expertise and knowledge than a retail or consumer credit collector. Another collector staffing example of the need for an elevated skill set would be a credit collector who specializes in working legal collections.

No matter what level and type of collector you need, CPA outsources all levels of collection personnel. In addition, when CPA outsources, a member of our executive team ensures that all key performance indicators are being met in order to provide the best possible return for our client during the contracted period.

When CPA outsources a credit collector our Clients have options. The new credit collector can work remotely or on site. CPA also has complimentary staffing services that will boost a Client's return on investment or ROI. Contact a CPA professional or request a free consultation to find out the numerous options.

Credit Collector Staffing

CPA also provides credit collector staff placement services. We recruit credit collector staffing on an ongoing basis. CPA searches for credit collector personnel with proven results in credit management. Our staff placement services cover any credit positions requiring professional certification. CPA also gives our Client's the advantage of time. We already have a database of credit collector professionals available. Contact CPA for more details on our credit collector placement services.

In addition to credit collector placement services, CPA offers Shared Services and Licensed Property services. CPA's risk management professionals constantly update our knowledge-base and can provide clients with licensed access to our proprietary processes and updated policy manuals.

Contact CPA to fill your credit collector staffing needs. One of our professionals can show you how our collector staffing services can improve your revenues while reducing costs.
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