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CPA is a credit staffing agency that fills Billing Clerk Jobs
"Free Registration for Billing Clerk applicants"

Billing Clerk Jobs

Credit Process Advisors or CPA is a credit staffing agency that fills billing clerk jobs for accounts receivable positions for companies in Canada and the US. We provide Free Registration for billing clerk applicants in our billing clerk jobs database.

Basic Functions: Billing clerk jobs or positions are accountable for creating invoices and credit memos, issuing them to customers by all necessary means, and updating customer files.

Principal Billing Clerk jobs Accountabilities:

  • A Billing Clerk issues invoices or bills customers
  • Issue monthly customer billing statements
  • Update customer files with issued invoices
  • Process credit memos
  • Update the customer master file with contact information
  • Track exceptions between the shipping log and invoice register
  • Enter invoices into customer invoicing web sites
  • Submit invoices by electronic data interchange

Credit Process Advisors encourages interested applicants to take advantage of our free registration in our database of Billing Clerk Jobs. Prospective employers with jobs are able to search and view your billing clerk profile.
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