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A Background Check will give you the answers. Check out the facts with a Background Check Services.
"A Background Check is one of the most cost effective services in credit management"

Background Check

What do you really know about the company, or individual, you are about to grant credit to or hire? Whether you are in Canada or the US, Credit Process Advisors or CPA background check services will give you the answers. CPA also offers cost effective background check packages, including Franchise and Employment Background Check services.

The type and depth of background check required depends on the amount of credit being extended or the position level of a prospective employee. For example: If you are hiring an employee for a CFO or similar position, you will want an in depth background check as the right information can avert a disaster. A first impression is based on emotion. A background check is based on fact and we check the facts.

Background Check Services are based on facts

Extending credit based on first impressions as opposed to solid background information, can be hazardous to your bottom line. A background check will either confirm your first impression or alert you to potential credit risk. Give your customer the benefit of the doubt, but verify their background with a background check.

If buying or negotiating with another company, and when it comes to evaluating an accounts receivable portfolio or a risk analysis, a background check package can do a cost effective sweep of an entire portfolio. Instead of guessing the fair value of an accounts receivable portfolio, a background check will let you know what you are really buying.

What type of Background Check?

A background check can vary according to the purpose and type of information needed. An employment background check is completely different than a large corporate background check. In each situation, different types of information services are needed to make a savvy decision. Keep in mind that CPA offers related services such as credit risk management.

CPA maintains a proprietary credit infrastructure and offers economy of scale savings. We handle massive volumes of background check and credit check information reports. That is why our services are so cost effective; we share the savings with our Clients.

Contact a CPA professional about our background check services. We can tailor a background check program that will plug you into a large corporate credit information system at a reasonable cost.
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