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CPA provides Accounts Receivable Training in Canada and the US
"Accounts receivable training is meant to supplement or enhance the control of accounts to decrease the days outstanding or DSO"

Accounts Receivable Training

Credit Process Advisors or CPA provides accounts receivable training in Canada and the US. We have several types of accounts receivable training available depending on a Client's needs and the level of the employee credit management or staff being trained. We deliver our accounts receivable training remotely or on site.

Accounts Receivable Training methods

Prior to training, our procedure is to analyze a Client's present accounts receivable system and methodology. CPA can then provide accounts receivable training options that will strengthen any weak areas in their receivable process and credit management. Our accounts receivable training is meant to supplement or enhance the control of accounts to decrease the days sales outstanding or DSO. The faster the accounts receivable comes in, the less risk of receivable write offs.

Accounts receivable training can also be combined with other training related services. For example: It may be more cost effective to use our credit staff placement services and have an accounts receivable expert temporarily. This way, accounts receivable training can be done on a daily basis, plus the trainer's credit receivable experience can spot other accounts efficiency improvements. In this case, accounts receivable training can be supplemented by remote, or online, training sessions after the trainer leaves.

CPA Accounts Receivable Training is flexible and creative

CPA can also create co-branded accounts receivable training programs. These training programs can be interactive or static and will give staff a thorough understanding of how accounts should be worked. Training programs can also be designed with your corporate logo so it appears as if the accounts receivable course was built in house.

Whether you need one staff or an entire accounts receivable department trained, CPA training will accomplish greater operational efficiencies and results. Contact a CPA professional who can analyze your credit system and accounts. CPA can then provide you with the accounts receivable training options that will increase your cash flow and improve staff morale.

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