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Account Management Services or AR services in Canada and the US
"Account Management Services can replace an entire accounts receivable department or specific functions"

Account Management

Account Management or AR services in Canada and the US are some of the specialized services Credit Process Advisors or CPA provides. Our account management or AR services can replace an entire accounts receivable department or specific AR functions.

Once we know what accounts receivable bottlenecks need to be solved, we provide options. CPA can provide credit risk services options or solutions. Our account management services can be delivered remotely or on site. We will show you the cost savings of our account management and include what efficiency improvements you can expect.

Account Management is a combination of services

CPA account management, or solutions, are usually one of three combinations of receivable services.

Account management personnel can be sourced through our staff placement service. Our experts can place an account professional on site or integrate through remote access. CPA account management is supported by proprietary CPA software systems covering all aspects of accounts management.

Account management can also be outsourced. Instead of making capital intensive infrastructure changes to solve specific AR functions, CPA account management gives you access to sophisticated software that would be outside the price range of most businesses. Sometimes even we are surprised at the cashflow increase when we include our technology with a client's accounts receivable functions. Specific AR functions, like billing, are a breeze for CPA and can save you a lot of money, time and grief.

When it comes to account management the third combination is a strategic accounts plan. A strategy that combines whatever account receivable functions are required to achieve maximum accounts efficiency and maximum return on investment or ROI. Every client and industry is different. What works in one industry may be counterproductive in another.

Account Management requires thorough analysis

The key to our account management is analyzing before we act. Some savings with specific AR functions will be obvious. Once we are able to analyze an existing account receivable system and industry, we apply common sense ,and then come up with a strategy for maximum ROI.

Phone or use our free consultation for Account Management form to see what Account Management services, in Canada or the US, CPA can provide to increase your bottom line.
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